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New Water Treatment Plant

The City of Villa Grove’s Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was originally constructed in the late 1930’s with upgrades throughout the years. The plant is now at a critical point where significant improvements need to be made to keep the plant operational, and to bring the plant into compliance with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). Due to age, the water system cannot be operated and maintained in a manner that will assure a safe and adequate quantity of clean water. The major issues noted are: damage due to flooding; corroded pump impellers; the scrubber to remove hydrogen sulfide is obsolete and spare parts are not available; cloudy water in the treatment basin; and loss of media in the gravity filters. The plant is well beyond its useful service life and it has been determined that it is more cost-effective to construct a new WTP rather than refurbish the existing one.

Fehr Graham is working on design plans to construct a new WTP just across the street from the current WTP. The existing wells will be fitted with new submersible pumps, and the treatment plant will be comprised of an updraft forced aerator with detention tank; high service pumps that will pump the water from the detention tank to the pressure filters; ion exchange softener; and to the distribution system and storage facilities. The water will also be treated with liquid chlorine and fluoride. A spare high service pump will also be provided. Additionally, a new WTP building will be constructed to house the process equipment for a fully compliant public water treatment system. The new plant is sized to provide finished drinking water for the current population and the 20-year design period.

Fehr Graham is providing the following services for this project:

  • Loan Assistance
  • Design
  • Bidding
  • Construction Observation

Here’s the press release from Fehr Graham:

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